From standard QR Code to Custom QR Code.

This is a generated QR Code, holding a text message. A QR Code holds room for actual information and error correction code, a picture can be pasted inside the code. The build in error correction will fix the added errors generated by the picture, resulting in a code that is still usable.
There is a maximum of errors that can be corrected, limiting the size of the picture that can be placed in the QR Code.

When applying a picture as in the example, the QR Code needs to be checked on validity. If the code is no longer working the picture might needs to be cropped.

The kangaderoo alternative is to integrate the picture in the QR Code itself.

Integrating the picture into the QR Code message makes it possible to increase the size of the actual picture, making the picture a part of the QR Code's message and error correction.
This kind of Custom QR Code generation results in a visual regonisable, error free customer branded QR Code