The Custom QR Code Pricelist

Custom QR Code:Euro Sign

Single Code

The price of a single Custom QR Code, with a graphic of your choice:

  • € 40,- (excl Tax).

Multiple Codes

More copies of a single QR Code with different links is also possible. For example a QR Code with logo, where one code contains a link to the website and a second holds a telephone number and a third a email address. An example of this can be seen in the Re-Use section.
The price of multiple codes, per extra link:

  • € 5,- (excl Tax).
Generation of Multiple QR Codes with the same branding can currently also be offered as an online service. Please check the tool for this service with this link
The prepay price of this service:
  • 10 codes access € 20,- (excl Tax).
  • 50 codes access € 75,- (excl Tax).
  • 100 codes access € 100,- (excl Tax).
  • 500 codes access € 200,- (excl Tax).

Send the following for a quotation:

  • The graphic that should be inserted to the QR-Code.
  • Text that should be inserted in the QR-Code graphics.
  • The content of the QR-Code (link to a website, telephone number, email address, etc)
  • Number of multiple links if applicable.
  • Your (company VAT, chamber of commerce) details.

Code Reuse

Custom QR Code: Dollar Sign

Some of the Custom QR Codes shown in the gallery are more generic pictures. These QR Codes can also be ordered, where only the link of the QR Code is changed to your specification.
This service is offered in my webshop @
If a code is not part of the store yet, use the contact form of the web-shop to request a placement.