The selection of the Custom QR codes made in June 2013.

Tennis Custom QR Code

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QR Code: Tennis

The link is a shortened URL to this site.

Custom QR Code: Island

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QR (quiet resort) Code :-)

Nice quiet island in the sun, captured in a QR Code.

Custom QR Code: Organic

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QR Code: Organic

To word Organic has a broad meaning in various industry sectors from chemical, economics to computing and farming.

The URL link is to this site.

Custom QR Code: Biedron balance

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Biedron Balance QR Code

Customomized QR Code made for
Biedron Balance.

Custom QR Code: Startrek

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QR Code: Startrek

The new startrek movie "Into Darkness" is just about to hit the cinema.

The URL link is to this site.

Custom QR Code: Butterfly

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Butterfly QR Code

Customomized QR Codes are just as butterflies, they just have to be transfromed into something beautyfull.

The link is shortened, linking to this site.